Pushing the frontier of resin coating technology to expand the potential of the material itself

Coating is the process of applying water based resins and so on to non-woven and woven fabrics, and various other sheets. By coating material for specific applications, it is possible to improve the characteristics of the material and give it new functions that can even overcome its weaknesses, thereby expanding the scope of applications.
Not only is Unix developing high-performance resins used for automotive interior materials, civil engineering materials and clothing materials, we are also modifying our manufacturing equipment to develop proprietary facilities. In order to provide functionality that meets the latest needs, we are pursuing parallel development of technologies, facilities and resins to offer unique functional products.

Coating technology unique to Unix
Unix is developing proprietary technology for uniform coatings with a width of 2,650 mm, screen coaters and knife coaters, screen coatings with the design flexibility of dot coating, custom formulated resin adhesive coatings from foamed resin to high-adhesive resin, and release film for high-adhesive processing.



Unix’s resin coating technology

Paste coating

Unix selects screens for paste coating according to requirements such as non-slip finishes and so on to achieve various dot coatings. In addition to dot coatings, we can also apply resin pastes using wide screens or a knife coater.

Our advanced coating machine is capable of coating products up to a width of 2,650 mm.

Bubble coating

With bubble coating, foamed resin is used to provide a uniform coat with small quantities of coating. Depending on the function to be conferred, it is possible to apply resin thinly to the surface only, to impregnate the surface layer of the base fabric, or to adjust the thickness.

Dot powder spraying
Unix has set up powder spraying facilities inline. It is possible for example to apply powders with functions such as deodorant or antibacterials simultaneously with the resin.

Uniform coating
Processing wide areas calls for more advanced technology. Unix has introduced facilities that can process products with a width up to 2,650 mm, the highest level available in Japan.

Main functional coatings
Fire resistance, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, antibacterial, deodorant, weather resistance, light shielding, non-slip, adhesive, smoothness, insulation, adhesiveness using hot melt powder, etc.

The main functions provided by resin coating

Resin coating gives materials new functions and supplements their drawbacks. Unix offers four methods of coating and unique functional materials combining resin formulations according to the required functions, thereby expanding the applications of the original material.

Weather resistance and water repellency

By adding functions such as weather resistance and water repellency to the surface of materials, it is possible to improve the durability of the product under severe natural environments.

Unix provides coatings that confer these functions on the non-woven fabrics used for automotive parts, weed repellent mats, engineering materials and so on.
Non-woven fabric with added water repellency and deodorant properties is also used in interior décor applications.

Fire resistance

Coating the entire surface of combustible material with resin can make it fire resistant. Non-woven fabric made by Unix with fire resistant resin coating is used for automotive functional parts and so on.
Fire resistant fabric

Non-slip performance
A permeable non-slip finish can be added to materials as required using dot fabrication technology. It performs well in a range of applications from interior decoration to construction sites.
Dot coating

Adhesive performance
Unix offers coatings with original resin formulations from mildly adhesive to strongly adhesive, according to customer requirement. The coated material can easily be attached and detached repeatedly. We are currently developing products for a range of applications from home sundries to industrial applications. In addition, strongly adhesive coating can be bonded with release film by online processing.

Main functional coatings: Fire resistance, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, antibacterial, deodorant, weather resistance, light shielding, non-slip, adhesive, smoothness, insulation, adhesiveness using hot melt powder, etc.

Coatings with release film