Pursuing development of unique materials


Unix develops materials with special functions for civil engineering and construction that are making a true social contribution. We make materials with resin coatings that can absorb radiation, materials that can contribute to energy saving by greening the rooftops and walls of buildings and many others. We are also making an environmental contribution by developing highly insulating materials for construction applications and general uses. Unix also develops materials for curing concrete that promote drying while maintaining an appropriate level of moisture, as well as vegetation sheets for greening slopes. We also supply felt pen tips for special applications and materials that support medical and personal care applications.
Product portfolio
Insulating materials, concrete curing sheets, weed suppressing sheets, oil adsorption mats, radiation adsorption sheets, vegetation mats, deodorant sheets, thermal insulation roofing materials, etc.
養生シートCuring sheet


08-02Weed suppressing sheet